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Never thought I'd see the galaxy in such a state. maybe I am the only one that can make it work, at least for me. You can help me colonize these pity forms of life, make them… useful. They can help us make our empire bigger and you are the hand that should encourage them to do so. It simple collect as much food and iron as possible. Use them to upgrade your facilities and improve your efficiency.  Ahh, be worry of attacks I may have stolen some stuff one too many times. 

Okay you got me… lots of stuff!

Programmer: Borislav Petkov

Artist: Alexander Bisov

Music: Kaloyan Velchev

Install instructions

1. Extract the .zip file

2. Run Mini Colonizer.exe

3. Play and Have Fun!


Mini Colonizer.zip 26 MB


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i beat so much fun, if you put in cutscenes for red events itd be complete and id pay for it


Thank you. I am very glad that you liked our little game!